About This and That


This site aims to be a collection of tools used by the Team 0% community. At the moment, this provides a way to find random uncleared levels for SMM1 and SMM2, but maybe there'll be more in the future.

Team 0% is a group of people with the goal of clearing all uncleared levels in SMM1 and SMM2. In short, the goal is that there are no more levels with a 0% clear rate!


Team 0% is an open community. Everyone can join! You're automagically part of us if you clear any of the still uncleared levels. But if you want, join our Discord!

This application is built and maintained by this guy - ping me on Discord (@denschub) if you have any questions, problems, or ideas.


This app crawls a bunch of different sources, including the database made available by TheCryptan, the Level API built by TheGreatRambler, and the Google Sheets available in the Team 0% Discord.

This project was inspried by a similar, SMM2-only app built by KNfLrPn. Thank you!

Why am I seeing already cleared levels?

Sorry for that. This happens. We might not always know that a level was cleared, or the dashboard might not have imported the latest dataset yet. Or the dataset might just not be ideal. I'm working on improving the data quality here, but for now, please just use this dashboards button to mark a level as cleared and move on.

Can I contribute to this app?

The source code is available here. If you want to contribute, please reach out to @denschub on Discord first to make sure no efforts end up wasted!